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The Platte County Democratic Central Committee is governed by officers and members elected every even year during the August primary.  The Central Committee’s Mission is to foster involvement in the Democratic Party, promote Democratic principles and to recruit and elect Democratic candidates in the county, state and nation.

Platte County Democratic Central Committee Bylaws

Constitution and Bylaws of the Democratic Party of Missouri

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To fill an open seat in your district please email or attend any Central Committee Meeting.

Empty Committee Seats

Below is a list of currently open Sub-Districts:

  • Sub-District 12-1 (female)
  • Sub-District 12-1 (male)
  • Sub-District 13-2 (female)
  • Sub-District 14-1 (female)
  • Sub-District 14-1 (male)
  • Sub-District 14-3 (female)
  • Sub-District 14-3 (male)

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Central Committee Officers

David Christian

Chair, Sub-District 14-2

Becky Morrison


Paula Willmarth

Vice Chair, Sub-District 14-5

Robert Dixon

Treasurer, Sub-District 13-5

Central Committee

Danny Ragland

Sub-District 14-5

Ken Hunt

Sub-District 14-4

Melba Nicolaisen

Sub-District 14-4

Wanda Park

Sub-District 14-2

Melissa Green

Sub-District 13-5

Jack Carter

Sub-District 13-4

Pat Kuehn

Sub-District 13-4

Raymond O’Brien

Sub-District 13-3

Pauli Kendrick

Sub-District 13-3

Dean Holtz

Sub-District 13-2

Robert Contreras

Sub-District 13-1

Gwendolyn Cooke

Sub-District 13-1

Alex Bay

Sub-District 12-2

Barbara Stubbs

Sub-District 12-2

James Koch

Sub-District 11-1

Marie Stutterheim

Sub-District 11-1